Only £30 per year* (for up to 3 businesses),
add additional businesses for £5 each per year* * Prices exclude VAT

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Our Making Tax Digital Application is
HMRC recognised simple to use safe & secure fast & efficient value for money

The Tax Kit Bridging Tool is specifically designed for businesses that use a spreadsheet for their accounting records. It will enable them to submit their VAT returns from spreadsheet in compliance with Making Tax Digital (MTD), cheaply and simply, without the unnecessary complication or expense of an accounting system.

Plug The Tax Kit Bridging Tool into your accounts spreadsheet, link the relevant cells and submit your VAT return in compliance with MTD. It’s as simple as that. All that is required is a little work to register for MTD for VAT and register with our application.

For more information to Making Tax Digital follow the link below.

Reasons to use The Tax Kit

HMRC MTD Recognised

We are recognised & fully compliant with HMRC's Making Tax Digital service.

Safe & Secure

All your data is fully encrypted, backed up and secure at all times.

Easy to use

We developed our application with simplicty at its heart.

Keep using spreadsheets

Keep working with your own spreadsheets, no need to pay for or learn a new system for that!

Use any Device / Browser

Our application is web based and can be used with any modern browser on any device.

Supports Multiple Businesses

The base package supports up to 3 businesses, but add as many as you like by upgrading.

Compatible MS Excel 97->365

Our application supports all modern versions of Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets.

Used by any size business

Our application can be used by businesses of all sizes.

Help & Guidance Available

We offer help & Guidance as part of our application.

About The Tax Kit VAT Bridging Application

About our application

  • Cloud based web application - use it on any device, anytime, anywhere. No installing or updating apps!
  • Making Tax Digital compliant & recognised by HMRC
  • Keep working with your own spreadsheets, no need to pay for or learn a new system for that!
  • Sample spreadsheet available to make filling your VAT returns easier in future
  • Easily view your VAT return submissions & liabilities
  • Need some help using it? No problem, we have a dedicated support site & team who can help. There’s also plenty of useful guidance on the website to help you.
  • Have more than 1 business? No problem, you can file VAT returns for 3 companies within our standard subscription.
  • Have more than 3 businesses? You can add as many additional businesses to your subscription as you need, there are no limits!

Our Making Tax Digital solution allows you to submit your VAT Returns from your existing spreadsheet without fuss or the cost of paying for & learning a new accounts pacakge.

How does it work?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Register & Add your business details
  2. Authorise HMRC to release your information to The Tax Kit
  3. Insert our VAT Return Bridging Tool sheet into your Spreadsheet
  4. Upload your spreadsheet to our application
  5. Submit your first TWO VAT Returns to HMRC for FREE and view your VAT history & Liabilities

Watch our demonstration video to see how simple the process is.

How to video

Data & Security - VAT Bridging Application

Data & Security

A high level of data security has been built in as standard. We encrypt all data from you via our application to HMRC and back. We take data security very seriously, so we’ve designed & built our system to be robust, safe & secure at all times.

All payments are managed via Square so we do not store any credit or debit card details on our servers.

When you upload your spreadsheet to our application, we only read the nine-box VAT Return data. We do not use or store any of your financial data and the file is not saved. It’s processed in realtime and immediately deleted from memory.

We store very limited information about you & your business. All VAT return historical data, payments and liability information come directly from HMRC's server each time you view that section of our application.

We use a secure UK-based data centre to host our application. We employ best practice server security and regularly apply patches & updates as they are released. The data is backed up regularly throughout the day and stored in a secure offsite location on a 28 day rotation period.

Help us make it even better

We have already developed our little bridging application and we are continuing to improve and enhance it.

We now need some people to help us finesse it and put some finishing touches on it.

We are looking for twenty volunteers for our ongoing Beta testing. If you are a Ltd Company, or Sole Trader and file your VAT Returns using HMRC’s online or offline service, then please get in touch.

All we need is about an hour of your time and of course your very honest feedback. If you live around Bath, Bristol or Swansea, we may meet you in person and get your direct feedback (who knows, we might even buy you a beer).

We will also give you a 50% discount on your 1st year's subscription to say ’thanks for the help.’

Help Us - The Tax Kit VAT Bridging Application

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